Hello ! My name's Warren and I record music as Foxes in Fiction and run a record label called Orchid Tapes out of my home in New York City. Since 2009 I've been mixing, producing and mastering my own musical output and have had the luck and pleasure of being able to be involved with some of my favourite releases by my close friends that have often ended up being put out through Orchid Tapes.

In the years since I started the label I've begun working on lots of other projects by people who've approached me either looking for mixing, production or mastering work. Because of this I've been able to work on a huge amount of amazing music across a range of styles and genres and have quickly gained a lot of insight into the technical side of music production.

If you're working on something that you think could benefit from mixing work or mastering or if you've got any questions at all I'd love to hear from you ! I love helping to do what I can to bring people's music to a closer state of completion am always looking to take on new projects.

I do mastering for both vinyl and CD / digital format, am open to mixing work in most genres and have fairly quick turnaround times. If you'd like to hear a sampling of things I've worked on recently, there are a bunch of streamable albums located on my portfolio page.

Thanks for reading x